Friday, June 3, 2011

CRM 2011 Error - Principal user is missing prvReadQuery privilege

When you create a new security role from scratch and then assign only that role to a system user and when you log to the CRM site you might get the above mentioned error.

This is because you haven't given read permission to the View in the Customization entity.

Once this is done the system would start working for you.


  1. YOU are incredible!!
    THANKS a million! you saved me hours and hours of frustration!
    You deserve a cheese cake =D

  2. Hi, I'm getting this missing prvReadQueue message from the email router. Please could you elaborate on where this permission needs to be added?


  3. Hi IT Man,

    sorry for the late reply.
    When you go to the security role of the use who is getting this issue you will be able to check this out. You would be able to find this from the core records section.


  4. I would like to thank you for the above information, I had the crm email router configured perfectly but for the life of me couldnt work out why there was prv errors even though I was using an account with Administrator privileges. A soon as I allocate the account a full license it updated to Read/Write CAL and bingo! working as intended now.


  5. Thanks a lot. You saved my day (and my life probably)

  6. Whhat about this one? I'm at a loss as to where this would be located....

    Principal team (Id=fd6e3b1b-5072-e311-b7d6-6c3be5a8bab0, type=9) is missing prvReadLead privilege (Id=a8ecac53-09e8-4a13-b598-8d8c87bc3d33)

  7. You have to query the database to find the team table for a team with id = fd6e3b1b-5072-e311-b7d6-6c3be5a8bab0. Then check the security role assigned to that and give read priviledge to the Lead entity


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