Monday, March 2, 2009

Change the default filter in activities in crm 3.0

We needed to change the default activity history filter as a customer asked us to do that. I searched the net to find some answers and there were 2 very good articles regarding this. i have pasted the links below.

Change the for title and title bar in CRM 3.0 forms

I have given below the javascripts that needs to be used to change this.

var doc = document.getElementsByTagName('td');
for (var i = 0; i < doc.length; i++)
if(doc[i].className == "formTitle")
var header = doc[i].innerText;;
header = strTitle +". "+ strName ;
doc[i].innerText = "Member : " + header;
document.title ="Member : " + header;

This scripts will change both the form title and CRM form title bar.
i was helped by this post.

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