Thursday, September 7, 2017

Using Kingsway soft tool to pass date time values without conversion from one CRM instance to another

With CRM date time values, when you send a request to a CRM, it always converts and saves the values in CRM by converting to UTC from the request user’s time zone. This happens when you do anything from CRM web services.

If we have to get some reference records which are having date time values (with the format being set to User Local), if we do this then the values that would be stored in CRM would be incorrect. This is the same with Kingsway soft. If we want to do this manually we would have to convert the value using a sql script and then update the other CRM instance.

Luckily, Kingsway soft tool gives you an option to store the date values as it is. There is a special feature when updating records in CRM, if you do that this issue would not occur. the feature is called  send date time values in UTC format.

The below image displays the setting that you have to add for this. 

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