Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Outlook CRM Plugin and Email Sending

When we are sending emails from outlook which has the CRM plugin installed in how do you think the email is being attached the to the correct record. The reason is when we are sending an email from outlook not like in CRM interface, you just specify the email address and not an actual record. However the record seems to be attached to the right record in CRM. Does that mean that before the record is attached CRM is going to check all accounts, contacts, leads, system users, queues for the correct record. If this is the case it would take some time as to find the right record.

Fortunately, CRM they are is a table which is called email search base that is being used to do this. Whenever an account, contact..etc is created it creates a record in the above table. It contacts the object type code (to indicate which entity it is), Guid ( primary key value of the entity) and the email address itself.

So when someone is sending an email from outlook it will search in this table and will attach to the correct record.

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