Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CRM 2011 Plugin Images – Target Image

As we all know when a record creation is happening we can find the information of the attributes in that event using Target image from the Pre create event.

You get all the values in the Target image from the Create event.

You get the same image in the update as well. But there is a different.

In update you only get the changed attributes. Not all the attributes of the record. So if you want to get all the attributes of the record you need to do some alternatives.

The best would be to merge the Pre image of the event with the target image.
However please do keep in mind when you are doing that you need to give precedence to the target image and add any attribute that is not in the Target image from the Pre image. If not you will be misguided and will not be able to produce the correct result that you are planning to have.

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