Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Field Service Overview

I recently wanted to learn field service and googled for some good articles. I was able to find some very good articles written by Neil Parkhurst regarding the whole module.

If you are interested, this would be a great starting point for anyone.

Setting up Field Service Demo Data

When you start working with field services, it would be easy if you have a set of records created for you to check the functionality of this. It would take bit of time to set up the administration data for you to work with it.

Fortunately, Microsoft has given some demo data for anyone to set it up and do testing. Setting this up is not straightforward. This includes using the package deployer as well.

There is a nice article written by Sanjaya Yapa to do this. If anyone is interested in doing some research, please follow the link and do the needful. 

Configure Field Service Mobile App

For field service in dynamics 365, there is a mobile app that has been created using resco mobile framework. This helps a lot as the field engineers can do a lot of things from the fields using this app. Also the back office staff would get updates on how the job is coping up as well.

The mobile app has to be configured in Dynamics and it has to be carefully done.

Mitch has written a nice article on how this can be achieved. Please follow the link.

Retrieving Calendar of a Bookable Resource in Dynamics

There are occasions where we need to retrieve working days and working times of a resource in Dynamics grammatically. This is quite possible...