Friday, November 14, 2008

Customizations in CRM 3.0

When you add a new field or an entity to CRM you should first do it in your development eneviornment. i'm sure that all of us are doing that corectly. but there are some certian times that we have to do them in live enviornment without doing that in the other enviornments.

Don't do this. because when you create a field or an entity CRM created a guid value for them and if you don't use the same customization then you cannot publish them in the other enviorments. If you have to the correction in live directly take a customzation of that entity and try to publish that customization in the ther enviorments. How ever when you do that if you have been doing some changes in the development eneviornmnet you will loose them. So you need to be very carefule about this.

SO try avoiding doing any direct customizations in the live envionments as long as they have something to do with create.

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