The difference between Append and Append to in CRM

Most of us gets confused with these 2 privileges.
Why do we have 2 like this. Does these work differently?. 
The answer to this is YES. They do work differently.

Append privilege goes with the entity that you are currently working with. We are trying to append a record. This normally works with a child entity.

Append to Privilege goes with a parent entity. Where a child entity has a look up for the parent entity and if they want to select a record from the parent entity then we should have append to privilege on the parent entity.

Eg: - Lets take Account is the parent entity and contact is the child entity. If we have to add a contact to account entity(Account is the primary and Contact is the Child entity), we should have Append on Contact and Append to on Account entities.

There is a very good article written about this. Please check this out also.


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