Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cross Brower compatibility with CRM 2011

When speaking about CRM one of the major limitation we had was it was only supported in IE. So most of the users were not too thrilled of the fact that CRM not supporting their favorite Browser (Not all... IE is favorite for most of the cases). But the fact remained that CRM not supporting anything other than IE.

Microsoft has been working regarding this for some time and they have made it to work with chrome and Mozilla. For chrome and Mozilla you have to work with the latest version of them. This is coming with UR 9 of CRM 2011.

However there is a catch. The javascripts that we have been using, some of them will get obsolete as they were targeting IE only. Since with this roll up, we will have to re write them to be compatible with other browsers. Might be a tedious task. But once this is done you will be able to work with almost 3 browsers and like any other traditional .net web app, you will have to check with cross browsers to see the system is working.
More information about this can be found at the following link.

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