Tuesday, July 3, 2012

CRM 2011 How to increase the upload size

With CRM 4 when we want to increase the upload size we went to the web configuration file and
changed the maxRequestLength property to the size that we wanted to.

However with CRM 2011 you don’t need to update the web configuration file, but update a field in
the config database.

By running the below statement you can find out the upload size of the documents.

select IntColumn from ServerSettingsProperties where columnname=’ImportMaxAllowedFileSizeInMB’

You can change this by running the following statement in SQL Server.

Update ServerSettingsProperties set IntColumn = 100
where columnname=’ImportMaxAllowedFileSizeInMB’

This will increase the upload amount to 100 MB. Please note after doing this you will have to do an iisreset for the upload size to take the size of the changed value.

We were helped by the following article when we had the same problem.

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