Thursday, August 9, 2012

CRM 2011 Integer fields and comma symbol

In CRM if you create an integer field by default the CRM group 2 numbers together by using a comma. This is the standard feature.

However sometimes customers ask this comma to be removed. This is not possible with OOTB functionality in CRM. You have couple of options.

•    Remove the integer field, have a text field and include javascripting to validate the field. This might be cumbersome.
•    Can create another field (text) and using a workflow assign the value of the integer field to this. This field would be getting displayed in views and forms. The drawback is you have synch both these fields.
•    You can have a javascript to remove the comma from the CRM form when it’s loading. Not much difficult. However you still would not be able to get rid of commas when you display a view.

Below I have given a common javascript function which can be used to get rid of commas. Add this to a web resource.

function RemoveComma(fieldname)
document.getElementById(fieldname).value =;

•    Add the web resource to form onload event.
•    Call the function RemoveComma with the field name as the parameter.

This way you can use this function anywhere you want just by passing the field name to it.

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