Convert a Sales Order to an Invoice directly using C# code

In the sales process a sales order would be converted to an invoice. Most of the fields in both entities are the same.

So it would be easy for us to create an invoice from a sales order directly by assigning each sales order field to an invoice field.  This is fine, but would be a tedious task as for some projects you wouldn’t all the fields in the sales order filled in. Is there an easy way for us to achieve this?

Yes, there is. There is an OOTB functionality which has been given, in which a sales order can be converted to an invoice with few lines of code. The code is given below.

  ConvertSalesOrderToInvoiceRequest convertOrderRequest =
                    new ConvertSalesOrderToInvoiceRequest()
                        SalesOrderId = Sales Order Id,
                        ColumnSet = new Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Query.ColumnSet(true)
                ConvertSalesOrderToInvoiceResponse convertOrderResponse = (ConvertSalesOrderToInvoiceResponse)db.Execute(convertOrderRequest);
                Invoice invoice = (Invoice)convertOrderResponse.Entity;


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