Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Work Hour Template in Dynamics 365

OOTB Dynamics comes with a default template which is called "Default work template". This probably will not be usable to most clients as they would have a different calendar for projects.

Dynamics gives the flexibility to add work hour templates as much as needed by clients. When you do create a new work template you have to specify a resource to it. This will make sure dynamics copies the resource calendar and creates a new calendar for the work hour template.

Please note after creating work hour template, even if you do change the resource of the template to a different resource it will not work. This is because the calendar of the work hour template will not change and will keep the calendar which was created at the beginning of the work hour template record. If you need to use a different calendar, you will have to create a new work hour template. That is the best way.

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