Sunday, April 23, 2017

CRM 365 Business Process Flow Changes

With regards to CRM 365 there have been some major changes to BPF. They are
  •    A new entity is created per each BPF created.

o   This contain records that the BPF was ran for and the stage that they were in and the duration also. Also can set the privilege for the BPF in the security role itself.

  • ·       There can be multiple BPF’s concurrently running on the same record

o   This is a nice feature as most of the clients have been asking about, but were not possible before.

  • ·       Workflows can be executed from a BPF. (Stage Entry and Stage Exist)

o   A workflow could have been written to check the stage and do execute before this. But now we can execute a workflow without checking that when a stage is reached or existed from the BOF designer itself.
  • ·       BPF designer changes

These are some of the changes that have been introduced with BPF’s. Following articles were really helpful to me when understanding this.

There is a small thing to know if your organization was updated from 2016 to 365. When you go to the BPF and try to set the security role to the BPF you don’t get a button to set it. The window displays the security roles. You would have to open the security role, go to the business process flow tab and then set the privilege to the role.
If your organization is brand new 365 one, you get the button to save rather than going to the security role and selecting it.

There is a way to do it for CRM 2016 as well without going to the security role. It has been nicely mentioned in the below blog. 

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