Sunday, April 23, 2017

Export a database created in Azure, created by CRM data export feature

With CRM 365, there is a feature that has been added to export the data to a database in Azure or a VM in Azure. This particularly very useful if

  • ·       You want to use different reporting against particular data sets. Can have multiple databases on specific data sets from CRM.

o   CRM online doesn’t support SSRS reports J

  • ·       If you want to display a public register (Read only access) to outside world

o   This is particularly good as you can write stored procedures to make the queries efficient rather than calling the CRM web service, which is of slow performance for such task.

To enable this you need to enable a feature called Change Tracking at the entity level where you want the entities which should be synced with an Azure database. Also needs to create an export profile to do the syncing of data.

There would 2 data pulls.
  • ·       Initial data load in which the first time when the profile is created and the syncing is done. This would create the tables and will sync the data against the tables.

  • ·      Syncing deltas. This would happen only when a data is changed in the entity.

A very nice article about how to set this up can be found below.

Also if you select the Azure database and you want to have a local copy of it, you wouldn’t be able to create a database backup of it. This is not allowed. Instead there is a feature called export data tier application which will export the database in to a .bacpac file.

Then to import it to the local database, there is a feature called import data-tier applications and you need to select the exported .bacpac file.

The following article was very helpful to me when I was doing an export from Azure database.

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