Sunday, April 23, 2017

Update Createdon, CreatedBy, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn Fields using Kingsway Soft for CRM Data Migrations

Kingsway soft is integration tool which has been done to migrate the data to a CRM environment. This a very much useful when doing migrations for CRM online instance. It is a connector which uses CRM web services when doing the migration.

It has Create, Update, Upsert, Delete (you can directly delete records from a CRM environment by making the source and the target connectors the same which makes it is as you don’t have to have an intermediate table to do this.), Merge, Convert, Execute Workflow commands.

Also you can import M:M relationship data with this.

The question remains whether you can update the createdon , createdby, modifiedby and modifiedon fields with the values from the source data.

The answer is yes, you can for 3 of the above fields, which are
  • ·       Createdon(using overridecreatedon field)
  • ·       Createdby
  • ·       Modifiedby

The modifiedon cannot be set as of now using OOTB Kingsway tools. it doesn't give the field and use the value of the time of the update to update this field. (This might get changed in a near future update of Kingsway soft)

Also important to note if you want to have both created by and modified by values (when they are different) during the migration, you would have to do a create request (which would give you the created by field to be set) and an update request (only now you would get the modified by field).

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