Sunday, August 16, 2009

CRM 4 Entity Import Error

There was an issue with importing customizations from one CRM4 environment to another CRM4 environment with one of our projects. Both the environments were upgraded ones from CRM3 and both contains the same customizations. How ever we were not able to import customizations.

So what we did was to enable the CRM trace and then read the trace. We used the stunware CRm diagnostic tools for this(Thanks a lot for making these tools which makes the life easier for any developer). We found out NullReferenceException form the trace. So after googling we were able to find more porsts simmiler to what we were facing. Finally we found one article which helped us.

Also some time you might get timeout errors when you import customizations. Then you need to change some registry values. Please find a very useful link for this issue below.

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